Traditional methods
An ancient craft, wood carving is an organic part of Transylvanian culture, folk art and craftsmanship.
Environmentally friendly
Our manufacturing and sculpting technology involves an exclusive use of organic wood, which has absolutely no negative effect on the environment.
The Value and Quality Grand Prize
In the year 2018, we were awarded with the Value and Quality Grand Prize, a token of appreciation for our devotion to quality products.
20 years of experience
Since 1998, we have been engaged in creating statues and other wood sculptures that made us well-known and appreciated not only in Romania, but in the Western countries as well.
In the heart of Transylvania
Our handicraft workshop is located in the heart of Transylvania, in Sântana de Mureș. It is here that lifeless pieces of wood gain shape and come to life.
A family tradition
József Demeter learned the craft of carving from his grandfather. He and his wife, Enikő, are devoted to continuing and passing on this tradition.

Art is the most perfect form of man’s work

Wood sculptures
Wood carving has a long and rich history. Similarly other art forms, creating truly valuable works of carved art requires not only tools, materials and techniques, but also creativity and passion.
In 2018, we were awarded with the Value and Quality Grand Prize. This award represents the acknowledgement and appreciation for our dedication to quality, as well as the value and quality of our products.
A high-quality wood sculpture made with the utmost care for even the slightest details can be an exceptionally valuable gift, and so are the various wood ornaments that may be enjoyed as a stylish decoration in any house.