About DemiArt

DemiArt wood carving company was founded in 1998, and since then we have been engaged in creating statues and other wood sculptures that made us well-known and appreciated not only in Romania, but in the Western countries as well. Our company is continuously evolving; its structure is flexible, and the diversity of DemiArt products and services enables us to always adapt to the changes in the market demand.

The name DemiArt is a guarantee of quality Over the years, DemiArt has become an important brand at an international level, and at present it collaborates with famous European companies as well. After several year’s successful work abroad, the experience gained by the company’s leaders in countries with rich traditions in wood carving and carpentry resulted in the implementation of Western work methods and modern technologies that greatly contributed to the development of DemiArt as a company.

The company’s identity and philosophy The success of our company is due to our efficient leadership and the attitude of our employees, as well as to pursuing open collaboration based on mutual respect; all these values guarantee our long-term success.

The exceptional quality of our products and services is the most important feature through which we wish to attract our clients, and we place exceptional emphasis on promptness and reliability. Thus, our high-quality products, processed and finished with the greatest precision, are the hallmark of DemiArt, and guarantee the trustworthiness of the company.