09 May 2013

Craftsmen Fair in Șumuleu Ciuc

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On the 18th and 19th of May, Pentecost, a Craftsmen Fair will be held in Șumuleu Ciuc, across from the St. Francis Foundation. We welcome those interested to visit DemiArt there to see the latest carved wooden designs, and the statue of the Virgin Mary from Șumuleu Ciuc hand carved from linden wood, (just like the original one), by sculptor József Demeter.

The pilgrimage to Șumuleu Ciuc (Csíksomlyó) takes place every year at Pentecost, when hundreds of thousands of participants come to this place of Catholic pilgrimage in the heart of Transylvania. Regarding the birth of this tradition, according to legend Catholics in Transylvania in 1567 on the Saturday of Pentecost prayed for help to the Mother of God, Mary Babba, to defeat Prince John Sigismund of Transylvania, who wanted to force the locals to convert to Unitarian religion. To commemorate the victory, a pilgrimage is held every year at Pentecost in Șumuleu Ciuc.

Those who come to this pilgrimage can go along with the procession of Farkaslaka, and listen to a special Mass in the outdoor, after which everyone can visit the votive statue of the Virgin Mary in the church.