József Demeter woodcarver

Interview with Mr. Demeter József, manager of DemiArt

Through the hands of woodcarver Demeter József passed thousands of statues. You sense that he works the wood, then dances with it, when gracefully when dashing. Wood carving is in Demeter József’s blood and he carves the wood it’s flowing through his veins. It’s like a conductor, from whose sweat a sounding joy is born as a writer fills with power every word. Above all this, the manager and woodcarver Demeter is one of the few people whose fairness and honesty are proverbial. We wholeheartedly recommend DemiArt company.

Catholic Market: You were born and raised in Targu Mures.

Demeter József: Yes. I was born in Targu Mures, but I grew up in Santana de Mures.

C.M.: Your grandfather was a carpenter.

Demeter József: Yes. I liked very much like working with my planer and remembering the salt smell of wood shavings. Grandpa was upset because communist conditions could not have his own shop. I always said poor and wished to be particular.

I was playing with the wood still small. 5-6 years since I tried to make my chess figures carved it with a knife. Play ended and cut my finger.

C.M.: What do you remember from your grandfather?

Demeter József: The most important thing I absorbed like a sponge from my grandfather was that I must be independent and fair. Whenever I went to her, hugged me and told me how much he wanted to be an entrepreneur his whole being.

C.M.: Caught fall of communism?

Demeter József: Yes, but unfortunately died in 1994 and was too old to be able to do something.

C.M. You were already privatized then?

Demeter József: No, no! I have gone abroad in the 90s and I returned in 1998.

C.M.: What have you done abroad?

Demeter József: After I finished school of sculpture and woodwork, I went to Hungary and there I met a German who hired me his company carving statues. From him I learned a lot. When I returned to Romania I opened my own firm, DemiArt. I learned a lot about managing a plant sculpture.

CM: I imagine you’ve gone into “exile” with tool bags in the back.

Demeter József: In 1988, when I left school, I worked at the largest furniture manufacturer in the city, carving station. When I was 18 and I did not like was the factory communist atmosphere. After the fall of communism took my chisels and went abroad.

CM: How did you feel the breeze from the West which was in Hungary?

Demeter József: I have set there a while and acquired Hungarian citizenship. I worked for a while in Germany, but the company in Hungary. They knew very little about hand carving, but they knew a lot about running a business.

C.M.: You returned triumphantly in 1998.

Demeter József: I came, I raised carving workshop and I only utility funds. I put the penny farthing of salary, I came home and invested.

CM: The first time you started to work with your former employer?

Demeter József: Yes, I started with the production of religious statues German company, now have contracts with other companies in Austria, Italy and Germany. Also in Hungary I met an Austrian, my neighbor, who was a carpenter and mill that I made friends. He advised me that in addition to the sculpture, and the start of frame. She said: “József have to do and woodwork!”

I tried to have two legs: and joinery and carving, so I can have a business as healthy.

CM: You recently built a new production hall.

Demeter József: In 2011 we built an industrial building of 300 square meters in which the work of carpentry. This workshop is designed separately from the workshop of sculpture works in 2000. New workshop is equipped with all necessary carpentry machines are made in Italy. The investment was required for growth and expansion of the company.

We manufacture solid wood joinery high quality interior and exterior doors, stairs and railings design to finishing and any unique and custom joinery.

CM: Tell us something about DemiArt employees.

Demeter József: The company has 15 employees, and each school finished sculpture. The average age is 35 years. As there is no school of sculpture that I graduated us there is no young sculptors that can engage them.

CM: I know you fight a lot of DemiArt create a brand with international recognition.

Demeter József: Our partners are the largest and most important companies of religious sculpture in Europe. We created their own models, we sell brand DemiArt, because trying to create its own market. You must have your own designs, not moral nor legal to make use of other models. But the world must know that having your own model cost the producer a lot of money, which pays off in a long time.

CM: There is a sculptural canon for religious statues?

Demeter József: History of Art has a rich style. All styles are known in history. If you know the year in which the church was built in the style we know and that was carved statue, perhaps the author. Now follow the trend of modernism, but basically, religious statuettes style comes either from the Bible or the tradition of the Church.

CM: What are the values ​​that guide and that while decisions made the difference?

Demeter József: First correctness, timeliness and quality DemiArt. When everything is organized well and works a lot, appear and profit and satisfaction.

C.M.: Have you ever wanted to quit?

Demeter József: I wanted to stop many times, but always beat my passion for sculpture. I entered the wood and chisel in fiber. I want to continue on the sculpture and my brother helps me on the woodwork. There were times when I did wrong calculation, but left as promised and went to work again. You done gone ahead regardless of winning.

C.M.: How long you can run a new model?

Demeter József: about two to three weeks. And then we can start production. The statues can be varnished, stained, or you can manually paint.

C.M.: What are your future plans for DemiArt?

Demeter József: I would like to stay on this market and become a famous sculptor of religious statues. My wish is that wood carving statues are known liturgical and Romania and to develop and market in Romania. People need to understand that the value is represented by wooden statues carved and painted. Pour statues and plastic, but again, authenticity is given by wooden statues. We recently reproduced in linden wood, an old statue – Virgin and Child from Csíksomlyó, near Miercurea Ciuc, where the largest Catholic pilgrimage in Europe. The original statue Şumuleu church was carved linden wood in the 1520, is 2.27 m, but not known. I carved a size of 1.60, they want to give donation (No: donation was made). Of course we can make any size for any statue.

We are actively involved in the foreign market liturgical statues carved in wood, where the market is composed of many years and so many people asking why we do this in the country where not much is gained. The past twenty years have passed through my hands thousands of statues for the external market. Why not know me faithful and priests from Romania who need it, knowing that prices outside the country, to the ones here are two or even three times.

Wood carving is a tradition in Transylvania for centuries and I want to go further. You have to enjoy what we have.

C.M.: You have a beautiful family.

Demeter József: Yes. My wife, Eniko, who helps me in business management and is responsible for receiving and delivering orders, the little boy, Zalán has 5 years and over 10 years at Nanda. Already like both very much in the workshop and love to paint. Every time I say that I go to shop, and they’ll be right. You get a piece of wood in the vice, give them a piece of sandpaper and play both there. Especially the little catch chisel and hammer gives that and I’m afraid sometimes.

CM: Do you leave them boys legacy company?

Demeter József: I do not ever force you to do sculpture if you wish. But I hope that this beautiful craft and equipment that we have made in factories that nice to go any further. I would love to be like in Italy, where the company 100 years left on from generation to generation. Especially since we entered the market and we have made a name. It’s pretty early for them to ask. However the low is very excited.

CM: Please send your message to the Priests.

Demeter József: We would like to have as many collaborations with her because our statues are created professionally by experts of our company. I also want to be able to market through the use of wooden statues churches particularly believers, but larger statues for churches. Questions and look at their disposal to provide an answer.