23 Sep 2014

Birth scene of Christ

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Wood sculptor Demeter József from Sântana de Mureș (Marosszentanna) has created the birth scene of Christ for the 39th “100 mangers” International Exhibition organized by Rivista delle Nazioni. The sculpture will be exhibited in the heart of Rome, in the Brante Hall, located on the famous Piazza del Popolo, between 27.11.2014 and 06.01.2015, and will be the prestigious event’s only Romanian representative.

The exhibition hosts art work inspired by the Christmas traditions of participating countries.

The 90 cm x 62 cm x 40 cm size scene contains a rural yard, an old, traditional house, a barn and classic Romanian statuettes. The statuettes are hand carved out of linden wood, are 15 cm tall and depict traditional Christmas caroling, while the ones in the barn present the birth scene with Jesus in the manger, Mary, Joseph and the surrounding animals (cow, donkey, sheep).

The caroling kids, the gently listening old lady host, as well as their outfits give value to the sculpture: the sandals, traditional skirts and other accessories are all classic elements of Romanian folklore and heritage.

The exhibition will be inaugurated on the 27th of November in the presence of church, civil and state authorities.