15 Oct 2015

”100 presepi” International Exhibition

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Currently at its 39th edition, the ”100 presepi” International Exhibition was inaugurated in Rome, in the Bramante hall of the Basilica Santa Maria del Popolo complex. This year’s edition has 212 mangers from 43 countries on display. Romania is among the exhibitors for the first time, and is represented by the Roman Catholic Archbishopric of Bucharest with 2 mangers, one of which by artist Iosif Demeter from the firm Demiart. According to IPS Rino Fisichella, “the exhibition offers the chance to relive a moment that is very special for religion history as well as our own families: the mistery of the moment when God became human and the central role it plays in our lives, as well as reliving the experience of traditions that constitute moments of catechesis for our families, strengthen our faith and help us carry it on for future generations.