07 Jan 2015

Bethlehem from Székely Land

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There are many ways of performing charitable giving on Christmas Eve. But one can consider a good deed as a being a truly good one only by doing it discreetly and genuinely from one’s heart.
Sculptor Demeter József from Sântana de Mureş offered his unique work of art to the church in Şumuleu Ciuc, the most important Székely pilgrimage destination. This work of art presents a “Bethlehem from Székely Land”, the birth of Jesus that takes place at the end of the 19th century in a Székely household. The Székely home is meticulously detailed, every splinter being carved one by one by the artist. In front of the door, the masters of the house meet the carol singers, all dressed in the colourful national Székely costumes from that age. In the yard, a small stable with manger is sheltering baby Jesus, near the stable a few animals can be seen, near the house a few Christmas trees, and obviously, in such a household the Székely gate couldn’t be forgotten. The birth of Jesus is celebrated with Christmas carols, as a part of the Székely tradition.

The original plan was to expose this work of art in Assisi, but this was not possible for this year. Instead, the artist will donate it to the church in Șumuleu Ciuc. To complete this sculpture, the artist worked for 2 months. It is made out of linden wood, measuring 100 x 70 cm, with statues of 15 cm tall.